I love my dance class!

Maggie Update I love to dance! Mommy signed me up for dancing class and even though I am a bit shy I really enjoy it.

Happy Father’s Day From Maggie

hi Daddy, thank you – I always hold you tight and enjoy sitting on your lap at the restaurant. I eat a lot of meat and Miles doesn’t eat any. We played in the playground (indoor) and blue sand and brown sand, and I tried to beat you in connect 4 but it didn’t work out.

Daddy is teaching me how to make website

I didn’t want to finish dinner today – because Miles and daddy were making a website and I also want to learn. I want to make a website too! Yes, I want to make a website too.

Grandma Gave Me a Rabbit

Grandma got me a rabbit! I’m so excited about the rabbit. In addition to the birds grandma gave me – now I have a rabbit too! We let it play with me in my play area last night, and I fed it some carrots too. My other grandma also had a rabbit My grandma in USA (my dad’s mom) also … Read More

Update: Staying in China, New Birds!

Update: Staying in China at least until the end of the year We haven’t updated the blog here in a while – and since my birthday in January – now my mommy and daddy decided to stay in Shenyang until the rest of the year. We rented a new apartment and I am sharing a bedroom with my brother. Daddy … Read More

I turned 4 years old!

It is the day before Chinese New Years and I am able to celebrate in my mommy’s hometown with everyone in her family. But daddy is down in Manila. I had a great time. My dad also blogged about it here

I Turned 3 Today!

I turned 3! When I went to school today – mommy brought a birthday cake. My brother came downstairs from his classroom to celebrate with us too. Then the whole class sang for me! After school we went grocery shopping and mommy made a big dinner for me and the family – we also had two of her friends here … Read More

December 2018 Update In Thailand

My daddy is late on writing a blog update for Miles and me – but we are both doing it today. If you read my brother or my dad’s blogs you will see we moved to Thailand from Shenzhen, China in August this year (2018). I hadn’t been to school yet and was always angry my brother got to go … Read More