A bee bit me again! 

This is the third time a bee has bitten me! It hurts, and now I have a fever.  We are going to hospital to check 

I fell asleep while don the bike with daddy 

Today we took a family bike ride in the afternoon.  We went to the free trade zone park and the playground nearby.  It was so much fun,  but also tiring.   So on the ride back in my bike seat I fell asleep on daddy’s arm.  Even in 5pm rush hour traffic  I slept so sound.  It was such a … Read More

I like taking afternoon walks,  not naps 

Everyone in the family likes to take naps in the afternoon except me and daddy.  Mommy always tries to make me sleep,  but I want to go for a walk.  After an hour or so,  normally she gives up and calls daddy to help take me for a walk along the park.  It is a lot of fun and I … Read More

I Got Stung By a Bee Last Night

I love looking around and learning about new things. There was a bee crawling on the floor near my play mat and I wanted to play together. But then the bee didn’t like that and stung me – in my index finger! It hurt so much, I cried a lot. After a couple hours, mommy and daddy worried about me … Read More

I like Waking Up a Lot at night!

Mommy and daddy like to sleep all night – but I prefer waking up every couple of hours! I get to see new things and hear more cool noises! Sleeping is boring! I like to look around, and I love to eat a lot of small bits and pieces every couple hours. I wish mommy and daddy would always let … Read More