December 13, 2018

December 2018 Update In Thailand

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My daddy is late on writing a blog update for Miles and me – but we are both doing it today.

If you read my brother or my dad’s blogs you will see we moved to Thailand from Shenzhen, China in August this year (2018). I hadn’t been to school yet and was always angry my brother got to go to school and I had to stay home.

But when we arrived to Thailand – I got to start school immediately. We went to orientation on the day after arriving and I had a uniform and all kinds of new things. I really like to go to school and make new friends.

My teacher in Preschool is from Australia. I also have a Filipino TA (teaching assistant) and a Thai TA who help. No one speaks Chinese and the first month or so it was difficult for me to say I need to pee pee and other things like eat – because normally I say those to my mommy or grandfather in Chinese. So my dad he helped me by writing down in english and Chinese the common words I say.

The first month or so I was really good but the teachers had trouble because I still mostly talked in Chinese. But quickly I was better at English and they liked me so much. Even a TA wanted to be my nanny at home maybe (not sure a joke or not!). And a boy had a crush on me and his parents invited my parents and me out to lunch on the weekend which was fun.

I am drawing very good. I am able to draw in the lines well the teacher says – much better than others my age. She is so proud. Also I know to make different colors on different lines so that the shape stands out.

Because I never went to school in China, I do not have much to compare it to or adjust to. I really love going to school and sometimes when my parents come to pick me up they can’t convince me to go home. I want to play and draw and learn.

I eat a lot more than my brother – I love to eat all kinds of food.

Like my brother said in his blog – I am going to miss grandpa. He has been with us most of my entire life so far – but after he has helped so much in our move to Thailand he has now gone back to his hometown in China to be with grandma and the others.

I am a good girl and my report card comes back almost all A. The teachers and TA really say I am a shining star and I try my best to put my shoes on by myself and other things.